Quilt Fiesta, Tucson!

Driving from an island to the mainland has always given me mixed emotions. Most of the islands I’ve been on have had palm trees, which means I’m willfully leaving a tropical paradise…for what? In this case, it was to my next destination, Kerrville, Texas. After my last experience of driving through San Antonio, I promised myself that this will be avoided if at all possible for any future roadtrips. Therefore, I took the two lane road that put me though Banderos, Texas. While I didn’t stop, I put this on the “to go” list because the town looked like a lot of fun! Time was precious however, so I pushed on to Kerrville.

The next morning was not for the faint of heart traveler. Google Maps said it will take me nine hours to get to Nogales, Arizona, but they assume I’m a car traveling the speed limit, not a 14,000 pound Class C motorhome moving like a slug. So, it took me eleven hours of driving. I had to stop in Nogales to pick up more inventory before getting to the Tucson, Arizona show. My new friend, Jose, helped me not to take every box on the pallet and only what I needed – so helpful, right? Jose saved the day. I pressed on to Tucson and stayed at the beautiful Tucson Lazy Days KOA Resort. It was Tuesday so my next day was my Free Day to get things done.

Morning came quick but I had a lot to do so I parked Ranger at the closest Hobby Lobby – knowing they had a big parking lot and wouldn’t mind if I was there for a good part of the day. I meant to go into Hobby Lobby to stall for time before Anthony’s Cigar Lounge opened, but as you know, when things go on sale at HL, you must take advantage! I saw a few items to dress up my booth, along with paint brushes and other items. The Vitamin Shop was right there in front of me when I left HL, so I stopped and restocked ingredients I use in my daily smoothie. Convenient, right? After this unscheduled stop, I crossed the street to Sport Clips and met a young mother that had big dreams of traveling the world. I told her of my blog so we took a selfie so she could be famous one day.  Off I went down to the strip mall when a less than savory fellow was approaching me so I ducked into Game Stop. Well, the young lady there helped me pick out a few amazing games that were only $5 with her special offer! How can you pass that up, right? I didn’t. But I still needed to get to the cigar lounge.

At last, my final stop and reason for venturing into “the wild” came Anthony’s Cigar Lounge. The lounge was small but nice. While I’m used to a large humidor at Lake Worth Cigar in Fort Worth, Texas, this one was adequate, and I managed to pick up a few that I needed at fairly reasonable prices. While I don’t smoke every day (I’m a fair-weather smoker), I find my happy place enjoying a handmade cigar from a far off land, sitting in my chair with the sun warming me and listening to Joey snore in his little chair.  Thus, my meditation after a long day at the show is provided by a nice cigar and perhaps a glass of wine under a lemon tree.

Thursday came next and I found myself at the Tucson Convention Center setting up my booth and meeting new vendors. While there were less quilts hanging here than at the South Padre Island show, there were plenty of vendors for the attendees. Below are photographs I took of some of the quilts. I hope you enjoy.

Friday was a very busy day from the point the doors opened. It was my best day of the year so far as a vendor.  Eight hours flew by just like the stencils and smiles out of my booth. As I was leaving for the day, the Tucson Fire Department was performing a beautiful bagpipe ceremony.

Saturday was a bit slower but that provided me an opportunity to talk with the quilters that support Hancy Creations. This was a real treat and I met new friends on Saturday, many of which I hope to see at the Mesa, Arizona show this next week. Thank you for reading! Please tell your friends about this travel blog and keep stitching!

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