Quilts N’More Show, Philomath Oregon

How many quilts are you working on?

Philomath Oregon September 7-8, 2019

As with most Saturday mornings, this one was filled with promise. Approaching the grand lodge built for the Boy Scouts of America in Philomath, Oregon, you couldn’t help to be impressed by the beautiful building nestled in the woods of this small town. Today the lodge was decorated with over 150 beautiful works of quilted art. So many gorgeous quilts of love, legacy and family made with colors, stories and delicate detail were displayed inside and along the Quilt Walk.

In the afternoons of both Saturday and Sunday, the Quilts of Valor Foundation was hosted by the lodge for the Philomath area veteran residents for the commitment to our great country during active war time. It was something I will remember for the rest of my life. The amazing men were given a Quilt of Honor made just for them with many thanks and so much gratitude from their family, friends, the community and all the vendors in the lodge this weekend.

Lou Shafter of JaniLou Creations was also celebrated for giving her time, talent and love to her community. She and her late sister held the quilting community of Philomath together for decades by helping people at her quilt shop. Her retirement announcement was heartfelt and clearly she, her sister, and her shop will be dearly missed.

This was my first official quilt show as a vendor. My sister, Marilyn Deas of Hancy Creations was there to help. Because I was curious and because I thought it would allow me to help them better, I began asking my customers how many quilts they were working on. You wouldn’t believe how many! My favorite answer came from Tara of the Ladies in Pink, “I’m about two years away from being a beginner.” She was at one – the highest number was 38! Can you imagine working on 38 quilts at one time? You probably can if you’re a quilter. I had such a great time, so many nice people. The only problem I had was when I couldn’t get the product scanner to work – only to have a very kind woman help me with it. Is it true that you always remember your first quilt show? Well, I believe it is!

I can’t thank the Quilts N’ More Committee enough for such a warm welcome for my sister and I, their excellent support, and all the hard work and organization it took to make this show happen. Thank you to L.C. Brown Creations (I just love my insulated bbq bag) and all the vendors for their hospitality. A special shout-out to Tara Bevandich and her sisters for their kind words about our quilt marking stencils. We’ll see you again in 2021!

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