Sierra Gold Quilter’s Guild Show

The Sierra Gold Quilter’s Guild Show was a well-oiled event with helpful staff and beautiful presentations. In the little town of Plymouth, California, on a beautiful fall weekend, the 50 members of the guild displayed the talent of the local quilters with both breath-taking design and technique in the many quilts that were hung. It was difficult to choose my favorite quilt, with such unique styles, colors, shapes, patterns and panels. I don’t know if my favorite won any of the many prizes awarded over the two-day show, but I would have proudly hung it on my wall.

“I can’t believe I did that!”

“This box is shot!”

“I lost my cotter pin!”

These were some of the many sayings of my friendor (vendor friend) as she was setting up her booth next to mine. As a new vendor, I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me, to herself or to someone else as she put her booth together.  I just smiled awkwardly and nodded. I believe as I do more of these shows, I’ll be talking to myself as I set up the stencil displays.

Lady Bug Lace set up a large booth next to me. The nice ladies have been friends for over 35 years and all the items in their booth were made by them over the years. From the quilting, the woodwork, the sewing, the painting and gluing of their amazing yard plates!  It was a lot of fun chatting with them between the busy times at the show…

“It’s magic! Where did it go?!” an excited quilter said as her eyes widened and her hand grabbed for her heart. That reaction happens often as I pounce the chalk through the stencil revealing a clear design of the artsy dragon fly, only to swipe it with the iron to have it disappear forever. “Nancy! Nancy! Look at this!” Others gather ‘round to watch me demonstrate the pounce pad and stencils. That’s what makes these shows so much fun – and, of course, my friendor-neighbors.

I stayed at the beautiful Placerville KOA campground for four nights. Joey (that little black and white chihuahua rockstar) and I walked around the park every evening and every morning. I spotted a Lewis’ Woodpecker at the fishing pond, some nuthatches in the other large pine trees and a very friendly squirrel too. They had horses and a petting zoo for the many kids that were camping. The 30 minute drive on Highway 49 had a severe pucker factor as it sported 15 mph switch backs with “trucks use lower gear” warnings. My thirty foot motorhome puckered a few more times than I did, I’m sure, but after the third day, I knew all the bumps and curves to make it a leisurely drive to and from the show.

After the show, I headed southeast and stopped in Tehachapi, California – a small historic town famous for their trains. So, you know, I had to stop. Because my motorhome is too big, I couldn’t do the Tehachapi Train Loop that is a world famous attraction just outside of town – the road just isn’t safe enough for an RV according to the internet. I went into town instead and walked the 200-year-old downtown strip. The museum was fun to look at, at least the outside. They were closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It was Monday. The doors were locked.  Small towns, what can you do? I was excited to see that this little town has two quilt stores just one block from each other! They were closed too. I did go into a craft store filled with work from local artists. That was great fun, because, they were open! The owner’s adorable dog followed me everywhere.

Peggy Sue’s Diner (website here) in Yerma, California was my stop before I headed further east. The gift shop was a lot of fun, the food was disappointing though (except the split pea soup, it was incredible). I had breakfast with Elvis before leaving the next day. I some how found myself in Las Vegas before landing in Kingman, Arizona about ninety minutes away.

The San Juan Quilter’s Guild in Farmington, New Mexico is putting on a show that promises to be their biggest and best ever! The Color In Motion Show starts on Friday, October 11th and ends Saturday the 12th at the McGee County Fairgrounds. I’ll continue my blog after my stop in Kingman, Arizona but below are photos of my booth (before and after), along with random photos of the trip so far. I’m very excited to show more wide-eyed quilters the magic of our stencils and how we can help them mark their quilts faster and better than ever! I hope to see you there!

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